Monday, July 27, 2009

Finding the Women

We used the Cairo underground tonight from the hotel to Cairo tower.
It is a clean and safe and quick way to get around. Tickets cost a
pound each and we negotiated a line change without trouble. There are
one or two cars on the train for women only, and we chose to ride
there. We were the only foreigners there and it was fine. It is nice
to see women. We spend the day dealing with men on the street, as
servers, and in stores. The women's car is so colourful and polite, and we are not hastled at all.

The tower cost 65 pounds but the guidey book said it should be 30
pounds. We are going to learn Arabic numerals to see what the local
price is for all these attractions. We think it looks like a place for

There was a nice windy look out platform. We saw the pyramids in the
distance, the Nile and many soccer fields and swimming pools. Our goal
was to see the sun set from the outside, but thought better of that,
and went to the cafe inside for cake. Yes...cake for dinner. It was

After cake and sunset we looked at the night view, then navigated the
metro to find a cafe on the street where shisha (waterpipe) is
smoked. We had directions that is women friendly. It was needed, as
many of the men tried to escort us to their shops and eateries by
saying things like "come and consume".

We found one and ordered mint tea. The waiter said that they had it
and then sent someone running to buy mint down the street. The tea was
great, the atmosphere was interesting. We could hear the call to
prayer from several loudspeakers, the street vendors were also calling
out. The traffic noise and honking was there as it always is, and we
were being leered at by some sleazy men. We were the only foreigners

We had a fun day. Cairo is busy, but not so scary. Tomorrow we go to
the pyramids and to Coptic Cairo.

I'm going to try and steal Internet from the hotel. They overcharged
me earlier today.

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