Friday, July 17, 2009

I have arrived in London

This morning...or is it yesterday morning...the 16th of July, I left at 11:30 AM. 12 hours later I was in the air over Kingston flying to England. The bus ride to Toronto was long, as it stopped at Napanee, Belleville, Trenton, Coburg, etc on the way to the Airport. There was a little boy traveling with his parents, and he was far too excited. He had a running commentary about all cars and trucks on the highway, and kept asking if this was the highway, and if we were there yet. I'm glad he was only going to Belleville, it would have been horrendous if he had continued all the way to the airport. Although, closer to Toronto, an older woman (dressed like a farmer--overalls etc) got on the bus, and was headed to the airport for her very first flight ever. She was very concerned about details like if she could bring her plant on the plane, and how much it would cost to get a cart at the airport, and why the bus had a TV, and if the driver could lend her money for the cart if she didnt have enough change, and if there are meals on the plane....Luckily I was not sitting beside her.

On the plane I got a seat on an exit row next to two guys who claimed to be soccer players for their part time job. They said they were in Toronto for a game. I asked if they were famous, and they said no.

It's amazing that the time it took for me to get all the way to London from Kingston is less than what it took for us to drive to Atlanta.

I'm going to explore around Victoria station today, and hopefully get to a cathedral for evensong.

Tomorrow (the 18th) is the day that Clare and I meet up and depart for Jordan.
Between now and then I hope I sleep a lot!

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  1. Planes go a lot faster... and with fewer pit stops. :D