Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alive and well in Petra

We are both doing very well. We have not really stopped at all since we got here. Many many blog entries have been written en route on the ipod touch, and will be posted when wireless is available.  (most likely in Egypt)
Today was a full day in Petra, yesterday was the evening candle light walk into Petra after a trip to Mt. Nebo, the Dead Sea and Kerak Castle.
Before that we were in Amman and we saw the citadel and then drove to Jerash with Jane. (Thanks so much Jane!)
Tomorrow the desert--let the adventures continue!

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  1. Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for sharing your appreciation of all the places you are visiting. I cannot wait to see the pictures. By the way, have you seen a butterfly fluttering by? Enjoy and keep safe. T.