Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Dictionary

Secluded: road is only 3 meters away, not the usual 1 meter. Eg "
the beach camp is secluded"

Kebab: slab of flattened chicken on a plate, accompanied by potato
( see definition below). Eg " the hotel serves kebabs on the first

Potato: cold French fries, often served with kebabs.

Expensives: anyone not on a "basics" trip. Eg " the front rows of
beach huts have hammocks and are occupied by the expensives".

Guidey: providing helpful, useful, and correct information. Can apply
equally to books signs and people. Eg "Osama is very guidey"

Paradise: a barren and rocky outcrop with imported sand and dead
coral without any green in sight, populated by expensives.

Bedlam: A passportless group of foreigners amidst a chaotic grouping
of porters and travellers rushing about and yelling while others
slyly take pictures of blondes with their camera phones. Eg Nuweiba
was bedlam.

Guide panic: Rushing around to fix problems that have arisen, or
preventing those that may. Eg a hotel room that doesn't lock and has
no bathroom door incited a guide panic.

Bedouin yogurt: a warm soupy mixture that may or may not be goats
milk (or camel milk?) that appears curdled from sitting out in the
sun. Eg Clare and I did not eat the Bedouin yogurt that was served in

Catphobic: A state of being afraid of stray Egyptian cats that seem
to be at cave parties and searching for scraps all night after Bedouin
desert feasts.

Sheikh patrol: useful in a Bedouin camp.

Change: non existant small bills and coins that can be obtained only
by being very stubborn and refusing to pay in small bills. Eg change
is useful to pay at bathrooms subways and street markets.

Ticket price: At least five times the Egyptian price, and twice what
the 2004 guide book says. (this applies to food and water prices also)

Sunset: A magical collection of moments that hold memories of the
Cairo tower, the red sea coast, and our favourite--the Jordanian desert.

July 29th added

Lemon: Lime

Rain: dripping air conditioner units 15 floors above the coffee shop

Overcast: pollution

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