Saturday, July 18, 2009

Arrived in Amman safely

Today was a long travel day. I left my hotel (which barely qualifies
as a hotel...more like a student residence) at 9:45, but they kicked
me out of the room at 9:30 to get the cleaners in. I ate leftover
groceries for breakfast and took their shuttle to Heathrow. I hung out
in the airport from 10ish until Clare arrived which was noonish.
Airport people watching is pretty fun.

We got onto our flight with minimal hassle, and had a very enjoyable
flight thanks to our new friend Zara who was headed to Ethiopia. ( "Hi
Zara" if you are reading this. Hope take off and landing were OK).

Clare and I will both sit down to compose a proper description of some
of the events and personalities on board, so stay tuned.

Clare's family friend, Jane, picked us up from the airport amid a
flurry of cameras and people drumming and general confusion. It was
great to get in a car, and even greater to get to her flat. It is
past midnight and people are still active outside, cars honking,
alarms going off, radios, bottles clanking and distant voices and
music. People were starting to picnic after 10:00 pm on the side of
the road with little cooking fires. Driving seems to have few rules
and fewer seatbelts, with many people piled into the back seats, on
laps and little kids roaming around. Jane's car was fully equipped and

Tomorrow we plan to go to Jerash to see Roman ruins. We hope to also
see the citadel in Amman, and we meet our tour and check into the
hotel around 6:00pm. It will be another busy day, but this time in
the heat.

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