Sunday, July 26, 2009

Snorkelling, siestas and finding Nemo!

Funnily, I just posted for this but blogger lost it (it lost a few previous posts too!) so this is going to be a very condensed repeat of what I just wrote. Things we discovered in a day at the Red Sea coast:

1) Snorkelling is great fun but can lead to severe motion sickness.
2) Nemo is alive and well in the Red Sea.
3) Don't mess with lion fish (or even Rachel trying to mime that she has seen lion fish!)
4) Eating western food for the first time in a week (pizza) is great and should be encouraged.
5) Sitting, reading and chatting is very good for you.
6) Having at least 4 siestas a day is compulsory in hot weather.
7) The mountains of Saudi Arabia, when viewed as the sun is setting make it look like a very attractive destination for another trip....

I think sitting and doing very little has been good for us. But only in moderation!!

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