Friday, August 7, 2009

Karnak and Luxor temple--slowly slowly

We got up early and bartered a taxi to Karnak. We are getting very
good at bartering for taxis and water. Karnak was pretty empty when
we arrived, and we played dodge the guides and groups and had a good
read of both our tour books. We had to sit often to drink water, take
pictures and marvel at the size of the temple complex. We left when it
got busy, and got a cab to the post office and internet cafe.

We ran into our cab driver from earlier that morning who said "hey do
you remember me, I'm Donny Osmond". We pretended we didn't know who he

After we got back to the hotel we slept and felt a bit sick, but
recovered enough to visit Luxor temple by night--slowly slowly.

It was gorgeous. There were not many tourists there, and most of the
guidey people left us alone. We saw many magic sticks and could
recognize them as fertility gods--thanks to Tiger from Abu Simbel.

We got back to the hotel--slowly slowly, and had a toilet crisis. It
wouldn't stop flushing. This was a shame considering our fragile
dispositions. Clare called the desk and a man came up to the room, hit
the toilet and then came back with three friends and a small boy and
some tools. I was half asleep and remember the commotion a flooded
bathroom and lots of men milling about the bedroom having a toilet
panic. It took over an hour but finally was fixed.

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